'Users also bought' in products


I have added a new block inside the product tab location and under the main content block and it's not working at all. Any ideas?

Which version? 'Users also bought' should work on virtually all versions between V2 and V3, but has only been introduced in 4.0.2.

When you say it doesn't work - do you actually have orders where customers have bought the 'also bought' products too?

It's always worked great for me on version 2 and now on version 3. Not sure why they only re-introduced it in 4.0.2 for the 4 version, but if you're on 4.0.1 maybe that's the problem.

So the problem is v 4.0.1? I thought we were supposed to have an update to 4.0.2 bt nothing yet… :confused:

Does anyone have any problem with this in 4.0.1? Can anyone try it and let me know? Just add a block under a product with other users saw/bought, and let me know?