'close Storefront' Button Is No Longer Working...?

Hi - I've just found that the 'Close Storefront' button in my website admin is no longer working.
It has always worked fine in the past but it's been several months since I've needed to use it, so I'm not sure how long it hasn't been working. When I click the button a little green banner pops up to say the Store is Closed, and the button has now switched to 'Open Storefront'... however if I go to another page in Admin the button is back showing 'Close Storefront' again - and the store is indeed still open.
(I realise the store can appear to be open to the Admin even when it's closed to the public - but I've double checked on several browsers where I'm not logged in as Admin or anything else and they are all showing the website open as usual.
Do you know of anything which could be causing this?
(I'm using CSCart 2.1.4 PROFESSIONAL)

It would requires some further examination of your environment. My guess is either that the info is not being stored in the DB or that the UI is simply not showing the correct value. Have you looked to see after you close it whether the store is actually closed or open?

Hi - yes I've checked numerous times, in several different browsers... same result, the store front never closes. Assuming it is the info not being stored in the database, can you think of any reason why it would just be this particular piece of info which has a problem... everything else 'seems' to be working as normal?

There could be many reasons if you've messed with DB permissions at all. It would take further investigation to determine what the specific issue is. Have you looked at your php error_log file to see if there's any kind of error that might have crept in? Hostings constantly change stuff and there might be a permissions problem or a non-compatible version of PHP for your V2 site.

CS-Cart support came to the rescue - the fix was to simply rename (or presumably delete would work the same) the /var/cache folder... hey presto an instant fix!