Ok first off i dont have any money right now to pay anyone to do this. I was just in a car accident and totaled my car and had to buy new one so im pretty broke and seeing doctor 3 times a week so missing alot of work. I actually still owe someone money that im trying to pay off=/

Hers my issue

Old site harpermotoguzzi.com

New site harpermoto.com

the old site reidrects to the new site not a problem. the sites like www.harpermotoguzzi.com/contact_information.htm, and www.harpermotoguzzi.com/motorcycles.htm, and www.harpermotoguzzi.com/parts.htm and all those kinda other links dont redirect to harpermoto.com and i need them to redirect to harpermoto.com. Ive been doing research on this 301 redirect thing and i still cant get a code to work right. the wild card thing doesn't work in host monster with out site and we cant use the SEO addon in cs cart either. Can someone please help…