30-day Technical Support

Hi guys,

I have a question about how the 30-day technical support is handled. I found this statement from the Support link found in the FAQ’s:

“The technical support period starts with your first request to our support service. And once within the period you can request us to suspend provision of services for an indefinite period of time.”

Does this mean that if I ask one question today, and then suspend the services, I still have 29 days of free support to use anytime I want even if it’s 2 months later?

Thanks in advance,


Wow! That’s what it sounds like and I wish I knew that before. LOL

Of course you can only suspend it 1 time and your problem most likely won’t be solved in just 1 day.

Ok…so what you’re saying is that one can only suspend the support 1 time? In other words, you can’t suspend it, let’s say, 15 times? If I worked with the support team for 2 days, then suspended the service, then worked with them for another 2 days on another issue, I couldn’t suspend the service again?

You need to clarify it with them but that is what it sounds like to me.

Yup…that’s the way it is. I actually had to request that they not start it up again a couple of times when they did. They were agreeable and suspended the free support days again for me. I was submitting my questions as bug reports and asking them to not start the clock on my support days again but if the question ended up not being a bug, they automatically start the clock again regardless of my request. Now what they do, is warn me (at my request) if the question was not a bug. They ask me if I would like to start my support again becuase the question was not a bug and if they answer it, they would have to start the clock ticking again.

If it’s a bug, they will stop the clock of your 30 days support. If not, the clock is running for you. So it’s.