3 New Addons - Boldchat, Postcode Anywhere And Page Templates


We have added 3 more addons to our selection on the Marketplace.

These are:

Boldchat - a popular live chat system, easily integrate it to your site with two display modes, all you need are your boldchat account id's

Postcode Anywhere Capture+ - A worldwide, very popular service for pre-populating fields during the checkout process. All you need it a Key from Postcode Anywhere, and instantly all of your address forms will have address pre-population and searching.

Page Templates - This is our first FREE addon, as a favor to the developer community. When creating pages, it is often a nightmare to have 2 pages with different logic or layouts behind them without making the default view.tpl a little messy. This addon lets you create new templates as new files, and then assign them to one or more pages. Much like templates work in Wordpress! A very nifty and useful one we find.

You can find them all on our website here, or on the Marketplace soon

Thanks, and more to come soon!


Just tried to download and received this error message: [color=#333333][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]The download link is expired or is not ready? Please advise. [/size][/font][/color]


It should be active now - we've set it to manually approve downloads due to a large amount of false info being submitted.



Thank you! :grin: