3 Major Changes In The Free Version Of Cs-Cart


We want as many people as possible to be able to use CS-Cart, that’s why we’ve been offering the free CS-Cart version.

The free version of CS-Cart 4.3.5 gets 3 major changes compared to the free version of CS-Cart 4.3.4:

- You can add as many filters as you want to the storefront (maximum 3 filters in earlier versions)

- We’ve removed 8 add-ons and added 2 add-ons from the full CS-Cart version—Image zoom and Social buttons

- We excluded the multi-store feature because it was unpopular with free version users

Product Filters Unlocked

Product filters help shoppers find products fast by showing only those products that fit specific parameters. The more filters on the storefront → the more search parameters a shopper can select → the faster he or she gets the desired product.

Earlier, in the free version of CS-Cart, you could add only 3 product filters to your storefront. In the free version of CS-Cart 4.3.5, add as many as you want.


Set of Built-in Add-ons Changed

Add-ons expand functionality of your CS-Cart store. Besides extra add-ons on the Marketplace, CS-Cart has a set of built-in add-ons.

In the free version of CS-Cart 4.3.5, the set of built-in add-ons decreased by 6 add-ons compared to earlier free versions:

- We’ve excluded 8 add-ons: Bestsellers & On-Sale Products, Blog, Call requests, E-mail marketing, Newsletters, Payment dependencies, Store import, and Tags.

- We’ve included 2 add-ons from the full version of CS-Cart: Image zoom and Social buttons:


Multi-Store Feature Removed

Store owners use the multi-store feature to create multiple storefronts on different domains and manage these storefronts via a single admin panel.

According to our statistics, 95% of the free version users have only one storefront.

After much debate, we’re removing the multi-store feature from the free version: the feature is unpopular with free version users, but we had to support it anyway. By removing the multi-store feature, we ease our support team’s work so they could spend more time helping our dear clients.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to ask them here.

Would be fair to update this


I'd say "Multiple storefronts" is misleading advertisement since you are going to remove it very soon.

Regarding Multi-Store removal: This has been a critical feature in several of my projects. I don't understand how Free Multi-Store was a burden on your support staff as technical support is not included with the Free edition. Multi-Store is a valuable feature and I'm willing to pay for it, but the current price for each additional storefront is prohibitive at 2/3 the cost of an installation. Would your team be willing to reconsider that price (perhaps a flat-rate for the Multi-Store functionality? Does the license on my existing Free Multi-Store installations allow me to continue operating them, or are they now in violation of the license?