3 flat shipping rates....why so complicated.

***UPDATE: Traced down the problem so everything is good now.

Here is what I want:

  1. USA - Priority Mail - $6.99
  2. Canada - Canada Mail - $5.99
  3. All other countries - International Mail - $7.99

    I would think this would be easy as all I want is a flat rate for all no matter how much they order. And based on country, the cart should know what option to list.

    YES, I have read the KB and set up all my shipping settings. But even though the charges were working out right, it would always list Priority Mail as an option (on Canada and International). It would list both shipping options as the same price on the pull down menu for International and Canada. Since there seems to be a problem in the “editing locations” area where you can add a country more than once by moving from right to left and back, I decided to start completely over and delete my locations and start from scratch. So I started completely over and made 3 Locations (USA, Canada, and International) and of coarse went through and move the related countries into the box on the left. But now it says “the location is not available for shipping” no matter what country I choose. So now NOTHING is working.

    Is there a glitch in 2.0.6 shipping that could be causing this? I’m sure I could have done something wrong but this should be EXTREMELY simple since I don’t need any fancy shipping options. But I have spent hours trying to fix this with no luck. Finally came here for some help.

It sounds like you might have originally specified the the shipping rates on the “Default destination (all countries)” instead of for the individual countries in your Shipping Methods - look where it says “Show rates for location:”.

You want 3 locations and 3 shipping methods. For each shipping method, you want to apply the shipping charge to only the location that uses that shipping method (e.g., Canada Mail has a charge only under Canada). Make sure you have no shipping charges applied to the “Default destination”. You can tell which locations have shipping charges applied because they will have a ‘+’ sign nest to the location.


Thanks Bob.

I just figured it out while doing some more “playing”. I guess I had messed around with the settings in the past and had some of the shipping charges saved for different countries (as you suggested). The only fix seemed to be starting over.

As in my post above, if you go back to the “editing locations”, all the default countries appear in the box on the right even if you have them all in the box on the left. Therefor, if you move “all” of them in one direction or another, you end up with multiples of the same country. Deleting my 3 locations and starting over fixed it all but is definately worth noting that it could cause some confusion.

Glad you got it sorted.

As many times as I have set this stuff up, I still find myself occasionally struggling to find the obvious - I say obvious because if everyone was having my problem the forums would be awash with the same complaints. I usually find walking away for an hour or so results in having one of those “duh” moments on return.


Yeah, and after playing around just now I see that even though you can end up with duplicate countries in the boxes (while editing); once you refresh it will get rid of the duplicates.