3.6 - How Do You Set Up Free Delivery For One Country

Can anyone run me though how to do this please ?

I have setup a new category, items in this category I want to give free delivery but I want to only do this for my local country as other will be too expensive. I don't want people in other countries ordering and then me have to refund them.

Hi @kickoff3pm,

If a customer from your local country have in cart 2 products, one from that category that have free shipping and one from other category, will be charged only for that extra product, right?

If is right then the solution i see if customer is from your local country and product is from a free shipping category then weight=0 :D in this way product will not be added on shipping tax math, if the shipping tax is calculated base on weight


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I think I'll just have to charge shipping as I already have customers from other countries that want to buy these items. So setting them to weight = 0 is not an option.

I think I might include a coupon for free UK postage.

Ive done it for certain countries over X dollars. Im sure you could set the part I set to $25 to like 0.01. I do not remember how I did it. I know I used the cart promotions options in the admin area. Do a search for the threads I posted and you will find it.

I know the is many ways you can configure shipping options but this one basic way seem impossible unless you fudge on weight and even then I'm not sure that will work the way you might think. It's another very basic thing cs-cart can't do out the box.

Product price = £3.00

cost local delivery = £1.00

Euro cost delivery = £2.00

World cost celivery = £3.00

As you can see cs-cart expects you to just set free shipping, but if you ship worldwide thats a big problem.

What you need is a setting in product or category or both. Just a tick box

Free Shipping Locations




You tick the options and when that product is added to the cart its shipping costs are not include in the total shipping cost.