3.02 css skin & block modifications

In the blog, it is mentioned that changing the skin is much easier since the blocks now offer div/class options, but I have yet to find and examples or guides in the knowledge base or forums.

I know how to css, but not sure how the structure is used with the grid/block system.

Can anyone provide an example of this modification using the new grid/block system? and where to put in the style css file.


Using 2.24… trying to migrate to 3.02.

I also lost on using css in the Grid/Block system. “User-defined CSS-class:” is not explained anywhere in the documentation that I can find; and I also have searched the Forum and Knowledge Base.

Since this is a fundamental function in v.3.0, especially for non-techies like myself, you would think the documentation would be somewhere…

What is “User-defined CSS-class”? Where are these files located? Can I see an example of a step-by-step process in creating one of these files?

This is not the only 'hole' in the documentation. Those who are writing the Reference Manual are assuming I know much more that I really do. For such a fantasic program, the documentation seems to be an afterthought.

Here is a good start

[url=“http://kb.cs-cart.com/”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

A user defined css cleas will simply create a surrounding div of the class name you specify. You can then make changes specific to that element.