3.0.6 changes URL

This is just a heads up: After upgrading from 3.0.4 to 3.0.6 some of my SEO URLs were changed, and it resulted in 404s. It was just something like 10 products of the total 400 i have in my store, but still annoying.

It was mostly products that were Deactivated or hidden, but also a few active products. They suddenly had the product-code or SKU at the end of the SEO-name.

So to fix it i exported all my products to a csv-file, and then it was easy to see the ones that needed to be edited back to the original filenames.


Try to go to SEO add-on and there is “Use single URL for all languages”… and then change the names manually. For my store this messed up.

Best regards


There was a bug in v3 that was fixed in v3.0.6. The bug was that SEO names were updated to the default name based upon the product name IF you saved any changes to the LIST of products in the default product view. All SEO names of the products on the list were updated.

It could be that you had not discovered the changed names until after v3.0.6 was installed.