3.0.5 and future upgrades

How do I find out what files of a previous version in this case 3.0.4 have been altered for the upgrade to 3.0.5 and for future upgrades?

I understand the changelog tells us what changes have been made.

I would like to know what the specific files are that get changed as well.

Thank you



The Upgrade Center shows a comparison of files between your current and prospective new version.

ty Stellar.

just for clarity …when in my admin panel upgrade center i see a list that called package contents.

There is a list of files. these files are the newly chages files?

Well i put much effort into creating my htaccess file and it's the first file thats is listed to be changed …is there a way for me to view the exact changes before i over write my current htaccess file.

also just so you do know… i do undertsand to back up my current files and know how to replace them. however if there is something specific in that htaccess file that i need to ADD and or merge …i guess what im asking is …is there a good way to compare customized code and do upgrades without totally jacking up the core.

Thank you for sharing your know how Stellar its much appreciated



is there a way to know what files are changed per the changelog.


we fixed a bug and we fixed the bug in this/these file(s)

please know i am just trying trying to understand as much as possible.

perhaps there is a better place in the forum for me to ask these types of questions?


p.s. again

after looking into the admin panel upgrade centers list of files that get changed i find that parts of the location path to some of the files are …missing…so …exactly where are thse files going to??

not all of us newbie cs-carters know all of this stuff by heart just yet, so please be patient with those of us who are truly interested in learning how this functions.

this is how part of the file list is diplayed in my admin panel upgrade file listing.



var/skins_repository/b … print_sbrf_receipt.tpl

var/skins_repository/b … iate/approved_body.tpl

var/skins_repository/b … create_profile.pre.tpl


The upgrade process is designed to be a “install the upgrade and overwrite” and then after the fact “review and resolve conflicts”.

Once you install, all your conflicting files are backed up. You then use the “conflicts” link to view the “diff” of the files and manually resolve any conflicts.

It is not designed to be a “preview and change” type of installation.


thank you very very much for the clarification …very helpful.