3.0.4 Store Import Tool Nukes all my Add-ons

I am running some tests on upgrading my 2.2.5 cart to 3.0.4. However, I am having serious issues. The main one is that after I use the Store Import add-on to bring in my data from my existing store, all my add-ons get nuked…uninstalled, whatever you call it. In the list of add-ons, all I can see is an “Install” link for each one. What's happening and how do I fix this.

To duplicate this problem:

  1. Fresh install 3.0.4 into subdirectory of my web site
  2. Log in and see that everything looks fine. Front end looks fine also (demo data).
  3. Install Store Import Add-on.
  4. Go to Store Import, enter information, wait while everything imports.
  5. Go to Add-ons and all add-ons appear to have been uninstalled. See screen shots.

    I go to “Reviews and Comments” and it has brought that information in from my existing site. However, if I “install” the Comments and reviews add-on, it removes all the data.


    The first screen shot shows how the addons list looks after I do the fresh 3.0.4 install. The second one shows how it looks after the Store Import. The third one shows that my comments and reviews have been imported. However, after re-installing the comments and reviews addon, all of that data gets nuked.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 4.27.57 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 4.33.43 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 4.34.26 PM.png

Yes, all documented…addons are not carried across


So wiping out all my add-ons is expected behaviour?

Wow! I don't know what to say.

I lose all my reviews, comments, and testimonials. Nice.

People think this is an upgrade?

Again, wow!

This is the equivalent of losing all my emails and music from my computer just because I upgraded my operating system.

just 3rd party custom addons may cause problems, reviews etc should be copied over to the new database structure.

CS-Cart 3 Upgrade FAQ | eCommerce Blog on Running an Online Marketplace


I'm talking about every add-on, custom or standard. Everything. Nuked. Look at the second screenshot above.

Also, none of my product images are imported. Is this expected behaviour also?

No matter addon is installed or uninstalled records like comments and reviews still remain in database, once you install same addon in latest cart version, you will have same reviews you had.

You have to move pictures of products manually to appropriate directory.

Uhm, you guys are getting Kingsley's comments all wrong.

No, that is not correct behavior and isn't supposed to happen. Basically the import got messed up and now you have incomplete data.

I'd try doing another install. Then install your store import tool. Then go into your 2.x store and clear the logs and statistics. I know Tony Birnseth said to clear something else, but I can't remember what.

Once your logs and stats are cleared, run the store import tool again. Hopefully that will work.

One other thing that I did notice is that if your current store has any custom database fields, those can also cause issues.

So, try that and see if it works.



Brandon is correct. After I have done the store import, all my addons show that they need to be installed. At that point my data is still there. I can go to Comments and Reviews and see all of my comments and reviews. However, when I then install the Comments and Reviews addon (because it shows as not installed), it then deletes all my comments and reviews.

Brandon, I will do as you say and report back. Tony recommends deleting all logs and statistics. I don't have statistics turned on, so in my case it will be only the logs that need cleared. Thanks.

OK so I cleared out the logs before doing the import. Same result. All my addons are nuked. My comments and reviews are all in the database. But when I install the comments and reviews add-on, they all get nuked. I go to the “Comments and Reviews” section and it says No Data Found.

As I read the code for the store import, it tries to bring across all addons from the old store.

I believe that if the old store had an addon (like my_changes) and it doesn't match what's in the new store (my_changes) then the old store is imported (addon settings and files) but the addon is left uninstalled. it's a way to say “you need to look at this”.

All addons are uninstalled before the import starts (so as not to affect the import). then they are compared with what was there before and if different, I believe they are left uninstalled.

Personally, I think there should be a checkbox list of what to import and what to leave alone (though the db schema updates should be done across the board). For most sites, they do the following:[list=1]

[]Install V3

]Import old store

[]Tweak/play to get things how you want (note this can be like a month or more after the initial import)

]Once satisfied and ready to pull the trigger, need to import store again to get current customers/products/orders/reviews/product features, etc.


So I think that #4 should have the option to be able to say: “just import customers/products/orders and maybe reviews or specifically selected objects”.

We had done a hook that preserved pages when the store was imported because these were completely re-done for V3. But they were overwritten on the 2nd import which was pretty annoying and left the stie down much longer than it should have been.

Just my two cents…

And the above only applies to non-Ultimate imports. If you have done your PRO sites using addons that have the same name, you will never get your storefronts to match without first fixing it on the remote sites to have unique names. I.e. store1 has custom_skin addon and store2 has custom_skin addon.

When importing to Ultimate, which custom_skin will be used for each of the storefronts? Same goes with any back-end addons that my have different configurations per store. I.e. different account numbers, etc.

Yeah, this is a Pro site, not Ultimate.

So you are saying that if I install any custom add ons to the V3 store before importing the 2.2.5 store data, that the import should work, instead of uninstalling all my addons and leaving things in a royal mess?

I've had a ticket in with support for 24 hours now. Hopefully by morning (I'm in the US) they will weigh in on the matter. I'll report here what they say.

No, I'm saying that if it imports an addon from V2.x that it will leave it un-installed. If the addon didn't exist in V2.x OR is in the list of addons to be left alone (like Twigmo) then it should be installed if it was installed a the time the store-import started.

There may be other logic as to whether the addon will be re-installed but I'm not sure what it is and don't have time to research it.

“then it should be installed if it was installed at the time the store import started.”

But it doesn't. Nothing does. Nada. There are NO addons installed after I do the store import. Look again at the second screenshot I posted in the first post.

OK here is what support says:

[quote]It seems the upgrade process did not finished properly on your server. You should try to upgrade your store again. If the problem is still there generally it is not covered by our technical support service to perform store upgrade. But we can import your store for technical support credits, it will cost 20 credits (as far as it relates to class 3). Please note that we will import your store without moving any custom code and/or modifications (if you have any). Please let us know your decision.[/quote]

I've tried the import four or five times with the exact same result. How many more times should I try?

Apparantly something is not working like it should. I'd stop trying and ask cs-cart or a developer to have a look.

I'm guessing it detects a conflict in the addon between your V3 store and your V2 store. I.e. you have my_changes changes in V2 but not in V3. Hence it sees it as a conflict and takes the safe way out. Better not to enable a conflict than to enable it and have it eat the store.

OK here's the scoop. Three of the custom add-ons I use were causing the store import to fail, according to HelpDesk. The add-ons are:

EZ Common Addon Tools

Users without order

Lowest Price

It took several days of messaging back and forth with Helpdesk to get this information. Are they really that busy? Anyway, they said that by not transferring these to the new store, the import worked. How would you stop the import of specified add-ons without uninstalling them from the v2 store (they said they did not uninstall them…just didn't import them into the v3 store)?

I seriously doubt that the EZ Common Tools created any conflict or problem with an import. It only provides a file that is included by other addons and don't do anything in and of itself. Also, if current, it will use the proper things for any differences between V2 and V3.

Just a point of clarification.

Uninstalling EZ Common will NOT prevent its use by other addons, but it would prevent it from getting updated with any bugfixes or other changes related to V3, Ultimate, etc…