3.0.4 Install

I have previously installed previous versions in subdirectories /shop and /store. I am now trying to install 3.0.4 in subdirectory /cart. When I run the 3.0.4 install in this directory I get the following message:

Error Can't create database. Please check user permissions or create it manually.

I have created the database named “wall2wal_cart” with user “wall2wal” and set all appropriate permissions for the user and the files listed in the installation instructions. I feel the problem is with what I put in the My SQL database name in the Server Configuration script. As I mentioned earlier when I created my database I named it “wall2wal_cart”.

I have read all other post concerning this and have tried all combinations of entries in this field I can think of. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what I enter in this field based on the name and user I have indicated above or could it possibly be something I do not know regarding 3.0.4?

Appreciate any help,



I am assuming your server runs cPanel. In this case, your database credentials should be similar to this:

Host: localhost

Database Name: wall2wal_cart

Database Userame: wall2wal_wall2wal

'wall2wal' user must be granted all privileges on the 'cart' database.


Haven't been ignoring you as I have been trying everything I could think of. I followed your suggestion but with the same results. I have no clue as to what is going on as all I have to go on is the one message where it can't create database.

Any other debugging suggestions would be appreciated.



Sorry to state something that may be simple but did you actually type in “cart” when you created the database or did you type “wall2wal_cart”.

If the latter then the name of the database could be wall2wal_wall2wal_cart

YOu could always create another database and try that.



Appreciate the response. My database name is wall2wal_cart and I did establish it as that and tried your double wall2wal suggestion and that gave the same results. I also droped the database and recreated the database and user and once again the same results.

Still researching!



So when you look at the SQL permissions for your mysql user, what priiviliges does it have for that database?

All priviliges have the “ON” radio button checked.

These include:

Set privileges for database wall2wal_cart user wall2wal











is your home directory home/wall2wal


I have a root directory with the following:





Off of public_html:

This is where I have all my site specific files and folders includiing my /cart, /shop, and /cart directories are where I have my version specific files and the /cart directory is where I am trying to install 3.0.4

Hope that helps

In cpanel/databases what do you have like below can you post a screenshot

see screenshot



I can't find the view you displayed, is the following what you want to see?






Yes that is what John would have been looking for.

Your database name is definitely “wall2wal_cart”

So you're saying you have other CS-Cart versions installed in /store/ and /cart/ ? Look at the config.local.php file within those folders to check the format of your existing database for those stores.

In cPanel, go to MySQL Databases. You should see part of the screen looking like my attachment, click the 'username' and you will see a screen looking like the bottom section of the attachment. All of these must be checked and your database name and username are those shown at the top.

Usually most servers running cPanel will use 'localhost' as the database host, however, not always. Who is your web host?


My Web Host is StartLogic. I am going to do as you suggest and look very closely at the config.local.php in the other two folders. When I look at my SQL databases I do not get the view which you are getting as that could be StartLogic's C Panel.


One additional thing I have noticed. Neither the /shop or /store, which work, have the config.local.php in their directories as the config.local.php only exist in the public_html directory. The /cart, which I am trying to install too, has a config.local.php in its directory also. Could this possibly be playing into the problem?


If these are really separate sites (not cs-cart Ultimate storefronts) then each sub-directory should have a complete cs-cart installation. Hence each sub-directory should have its own config.local.php file.

These are all cs-cart installations. The /store directory contains release 1.3.4 sp3, /shop contains release 1.3.5 sp4, and of course I am trying to install directly into /cart release 3.0.4



Okay, I don't think there are config.local.php files in cs-cart 1.X. I can't be of any help there whatsoever.

I would confirm the database name, database user and database userr permissions in CPANEL (not phpMyAdmin) and then use those credentials in your config.local.php db_* config entires.

Finally the install issue is resolved and I appreciate all the help I received from the forum helping me get 3.0.4 installed. The issue ended up being the 3.0.4 install populated the /cart directory with the config.local.php module where the /shop and /store directories had not done this as they just used the config.local.php located in the public_html directory. I then had to figure out how to populate the entries in the config.local.php located in the /cart directory. I can't explain why the previous versions of cs-cart didn't require the config.local.php module in each directory but 3.0.4 did.

Anyway, it is now installed and I can start retrofitting my mods into the new release. Once again, thanks to everyone who provided me with suggestions.