2nd. Storefront Theme

Ok. What am I doing wrong… When I try to edit the theme for our second storefront it sends us to the first storefront to edit… I cloned the original basic theme and named it and under store settings it is selected. What am I missing… ??

Maybe this is not clear enough…

We are having some issues with ultimate 4.0.1… We have it installed into a folder off our live 2.2.5 site… We can edit the theme with the theme editor on store 1 with no issues but when we try to edit store 2 it redirects us to our root 2.2.5 store…

Anyone have any ideas…

Is the storefront url set correctly for the 2nd store?

Finally figured it out… It was my SSL cert for store front #1… As soon as I disable SSL for both store fronts then everything works… How do we have to set up SSL for Ultimate to work with 2 storefronts… ???

Here is reply from cs-cart on using SSL certs. So we now have to buy a special SSL cert to use Ultimate… It would be cheaper to just purchase 2 seperate installations of ultimate…


Unfortunately, there is no ability to assign a separate SSL certificate for each storefront. In this case you can purchase a multi-domain SSL certificate. This type of SSL certificates allows you to bind several domain names to a single SSL certificate.

Thank you.

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