2010 Opinions - SunShop vs CS Cart?

Hi all,

I currently have 3 live stores with an all-in-one hosted solution and would like to migrate them to a more DIY (and cheaper!) alternative. Signed up with InMotion Hosting and so far have been very, VERY, VERY impressed with them…now for the cart solution.

I’ve spent several days playing with and modifying a SunShop install and am happy with the results. I’m just now doing the same with CS-Cart and they seem to be quite comparable.

CS-Cart would save me a couple hundred dollars on the purchase price for all 3, but that’s a one-time issue and I’m not concerned with that nearly as much as I am with long-term functionality. The latest comparisons on this board I’ve seen are from 2007…has anyone got any more recent input they could give me, comparing the two?

Since I’m still within the 2 week refund period with SunShop, this is very timely for me.

Thanks bunches,