2.x We want different look for 1 category

Hello thanks for reading!

We are interested in having a “Kids” section of our site. Is there a way to change the color scheme around just for that category. So when someone visits the “kids” category in our catalog the sideboxes and Logo change to kids colors and a kids logo? I know I can change the category Image but what about the sidebox colors and site logo?

Any advice is appreciated, even far out ideas. Possibly some Mod, or some design trick? Maybe a static page is the answer? What about Category specific blocks?



No that is a great idea but you want to just make sure that it doesn’t scare customers and make them think they went to a different site.

Just a quick thought as I was reading your post, is to create a script to change to a different theme when going to that category…somewhat like the cs-cart demo does with the dropdown menu. With that being said, you would need to have 2 different skins or templates loaded.

I know that its way easier said than done, but its an idea.

I haven’t tried it in 2.04 yet, but in 1.3.5 it was quite easy to make this mod. Look at [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=9500[/url]