2 stores, 1 paypal issue

If you have 2 stores and are using one Paypal account, you might run in the following issue.

Paypal invoice already paid.

let’s say store 1 order id started at 1000

store 2 order id started at 500

now when the next order in store 2 is going to be order id 1000 and the customer is checking out at store 2 using Paypal. Paypal will show a notice that this invoice is already paid for and won’t accept the payment.

This is because store 1 already used order id 1000, so that when the order id of store 2 is 1000 also, it will be a duplicate for Paypal.

I don;t think this is a CS-cart issue, just something to be aware of.

I solved this by manually entering an order in PHPMyAdmin for store 2 using a very high order id e.g. 999001

The next order id would be 999002 and the duplicate order id issue is fixed.

Why not just use the Order Prefix field in the Payment Mentods Configure panel? You could simply have A- and B- so orders from store A would be A-123 and store B would be B-123. Hence no conflict.

Thanks for mentioning that.

Was looking under setting at the starting order id(numbers only), would expect to have seen other options there also.

Wish related settings would be more centralized or connected visually.

I address this when i reach 999000 orders in my store lol

I just use a different email address per store… and use an order prefix (name of the store - also handy for accounting)