2 questions regarding emails...

  1. On my “contact us” page, I'd like to turn my store email address into a hyperlink so that it will open up the users default email client with my address automatically in the “to” field of a fresh email. Is this possible?

  2. When communicating with a customer via email, it seems like it has to happen completely outside of CSC. Is it possible to somehow communicate with customers through the CSC admin panel?

    It's not a big deal now (as I'm just starting out), but once my sales/customer base grows, it really seems like a must, to have past orders and any emails that were associated with those order linked together for easy reference.

    Or is this something that already exists and I just don't see it?

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2) There are some people working on ticketing systems connected to cs-cart. But out of the box, no not at the moment. When you are just starting I suggest using google apps or gmail with filters and tags to sort mail - you can even use this as a free, simple helpdesk system assigning mail to other people (see [url="http://clicky.com/blog/219/"]http://clicky.com/blog/219/[/url])<br />
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Then you can use rapportive and when a mail comes in, use the note field to link to the customers page in cs-cart. You need to do this only once, the next time your customers mails the link will be there and you can click into his account at once.<br />
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It's a handy, free solution that will work fine until you really grow. We used it all the time until we moved to Freshdesk (which I'll connect to our cs-cart shop after we have upgraded to version 4).