2 domain for the same web site

I have 2 domain www.domain.com and www.domain.ch.

Now when i go to www.omatti.ch it willredirect to www.domain.com.

Is it possible to have running www.domain.com and www.domain.ch separete but on the same page and databese?

And can i set www.domain.ch German as main language?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Belive that is what they are doing with the multi-store development project. Don’t know about the language being different. Search the forum for “multi store” and you should find the thread.

You should be able to use redirects to point the domain to the right language, right?

So for example: redirect your .de domain to [url]http://www.omatti.com/?sl=DE[/url]

This looks like the easiest and fastest solution… if you really want 2 separate shops, you’d need the new multi-store function CS is working on.