2.24 products exported to 3.0.1, now missing Option Modifiers

I decided to build a test site for the new 3.0.1 to get [font=arial, sans-serif][size=1]familiar [/size][/font]with the new front-end.

I successfully imported products and images into 3.0.1, but I noticed the options are missing the price modifiers. Am I missing something when importing them?

Friendly bump.

I really need to figure out why the attribute modifiers are not working. :?

you didnt upgrade , you just exported , reimported ?

make sure the options exists, before importing combos.;.



products, options, combos,

then back to options and combos as it rewrites them but its optional…

Got the same thing when exporting. The options were selected. Example

Product that has 14 colors all show.

Any product that has a price modifier like if I were to charge 5.00 extra for chrome color it is not showing. Chrome is showing but no prices. Have not figured it out yet either.

May have to create a product and add the modifiers and export it to see how it looks compaired to the 2.2.4 version.

import and export of option modifiers is not supported. I added a post of how a while back and am sure someone has used it with v 3 but stand alone Cs cart will not export or import option modifiers.


I checked ver 3.01 and it does not export either. johnbol1 is right. Will have to look through and see how to do this.



this should still work