2.2.5 Failed Upgrade And Store Broken

Good afternoon,

I just tried to upgrade my 2.2.5 Pro version and it went to a blank page and access is no longer possible. Is there a way to restore it? We have hundreds of products with multiple options that I cannot lose.


At first check server error logs. Possibly you will find error details there

Got it, thank you.

Please see below:

chrome-error://chromewebdata/:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()
VM56:7374 crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated.

It looks like error from the console of your browser, not from server error logs

Not sure where to find that on GoDaddy. Please advise.

Please contact GoDadday support with this question

I found it. Attached.

I did not mean to vote your post down, and I cannot seem to unvote it.
I have attached the log this time.

SGS Leanstore Error Log.txt

Also got the following on the page.


Strict Standards: Declaration of Templater::display() should be compatible with Smarty::display($resource_name, $cache_id = NULL, $compile_id = NULL) in /home/synergygs/public_html/rw-leanstore/core/class.templater.php on line 24

Fatal error: Call to undefined function fn_dispatch_payment_cache() in /home/synergygs/public_html/rw-leanstore/init.php on line 242

Please check the following thread


Great, that took care of the init.php issue. But, it did not work for the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'class' (T_CLASS) in /home/synergygs/public_html/rw-leanstore/core/class.templater.php on line 24

The issue can be caused by php version. What php and cs-cart versions do you use now?

CS Cart 2.2.5 and PHP 5.6

CS Cart 2.2.5 and PHP 5.6

It should be ok. In this case examination is required

I appreciate your assistance with this.

Had any luck?

Please contact support team since it is required to check and debug CS-Cart files and server configuration.

Ok, thank you!