2.2.2 Multi-vendor extremely Buggy

Hello… Ok… so I’ve begun working on my site… using 2.2.2 multivendor… I have been finding the cart extrremely buggy. Biggest problem seems to be with uploading product images or logos. Cart does not want to accept images by URL or Server… When uploading from local, the image either doesn’t load at all or I recieve an error message about images mover is not functioning. I also been having a problem with my Flash Rotator mod also not working properly… Was working and now all of a sudden is not. Are these common problems or something with the installation. I’m extremly frustrated with these problems… I have used 1.3.5 in the passed and it was a breeze compared to what i’ve seen so far… Any help is greatly appreciated…

I'm using 2223. I'm using 2222 I had these problems. My advice to move to 2223.

How difficult is the upgrade and do you lose any data?