2.2.1 Admin: Create a new order + Add Product -- Problem

I've just upgraded CSCart (on a site due to go live next week) to 2.2.1.

We will be placing many phone/mail orders manually in the Admin 'Create New Order' section – however I notice that under 2.2.1, in the Add Product area it doesn't show the product codes…

We have about 2000 products, many with very similar names… is there a fix to get this area to display product codes AND ideally to be sorted by product code or product name… Currently there seems to be no way to reorganise the product list.

Any suggestions would be a huge help.


This is the same way that at least the last couple versions of CS-Cart has worked. Likewise when you try to help a customer quickly search for something on the front end of your site it is more difficult to find a specific item without being able to use the item number. The workaround that we use is we put the item code in the…

Search words:

…field so that we can search by using the item code. Works great for us.