2.1 new blocks table and upgrading

I noticed the “locations” folder in the blocks folder is now gone and there’s a new block table that takes care of that.

I had a question about it.

Drawn out background info on how we upgrade:

[QUOTE]Since there are a lot of changes that will take a while to upgrade, and I can’t have the site down for that long. I used to simply share the db with the development (‘dev’) site, then copy over the files. This worked as long as there weren’t any significant db changes. Also the blocks location folder simply let me move over the new blocks.

Now I can’t use the live db on the dev site. So I made a duplicate of it, but I can’t simply copy it over when it’s ready since new orders and added product and such won’t be included. So I’m going to do the upgrade on the dev site with it’s dev db, and get all the files ready. Then I’m going to do the upgrade on the site the regular way, so it updates the database automatically. Once that’s done, I can simply copy all the dev files over and all should be good… almost.[/QUOTE]

The blocks are now stored in the db, and I can’t copy the entire development db over to the live one, so how can I only transfer the blocks from one 2.1 install, to another?

Basically I need to know which tables need to be copied and if there are any files that need to be copied as well.