2.1 Credit Card - Failed Orders & Trying again issues

When a card is declined, the customer just has to reenter the credit card number,

The problem is that CS strips the expiry and ccv to xxxx and xxx and the customer just enters the credit card number again,

and as the processor only gets xxxx and xxx the order will of course fail,

How can the cart be set so all information has to be re entered not just credit card



The is definitely in one of the checkout templates.


[quote name=‘gginorio’]The is definitely in one of the checkout templates.


Found these files, but can’t find the settings, any ideas?

I had a customer with a failed order because she entered the wrong expiration date. She is not a registered user. Presumably she has to start over from scratch, adding the stuff to her cart? That seems a real pity when all her information (name, address, products added to cart, etc.) is already in our system. Any ideas?

I have the same problem on 2 sites. Customer enters the wrong information, the order is failed. When they ‘edit’ the order giving the correct information it fails it again. It either strips out the wrong info, e.g. expiration date and replaces it with XX XX or, if the remove cc details is not checked, then it simply reverts to the origin incorrect information.

This must be something to do with the cache not clearing even although the order again boxes are checked?

Need to uncheck the remove CC info checkbox for Failed and Declined order statuses in Orders/Order statuses (for 2.0.x anyway).