2.1 admin ajax issues

In the admin section, if I try to check the “Enable block for this page” checkbox on the catalog → products → blocks section, it give an “Error: Oops, something goes wrong (error). Please try again.”

Also if I try to expand the category list in catalog → categories it gives the same error. It tries to load the subcategories with ajax.

I can’t test this on the demo site since there are no blocks that are optional for the products and all the categories there start out expanded and don’t load with ajax.

If I look at the headers Firebug says it’s using “OPTION” rather than POST or GET.

It also says the page is returning a 302 Moved Temp.


I figured it out, it is a bug.

Apparently the ajax doesn’t check to see if you’re viewing the site with http or https

Our backend is https but the calls it’s attempting are http.

If I manually do the call in the js console, then it does work if I use the correct protocol.