2.1.0 Site Layout link missing

We have a clean install of CS Cart 2.1.0, everything seems to be working fine but there is no ‘Site Layout’ link under the Design tab in the control panel. Has this been moved in the new version or are we missing something?

Just checked the changelog - Site Layout has been removed in 2.1

SEO stuff can now be set for each page type in the Blocks section of the control panel.


Design, blocks click on grey small window - box next to “All pages”

Ok so I can see where the SEO has gone but where do I change the design for the front page? Under Site layout you could enter text, graphics etc.

It’s under the “Design” → “Blocks” → “Home Page”

I see the SEO there for the home page as in the title and Meta data but I still can’t see where you enter the content for the front page ie text and graphics. Can you point out exactly where to access it. Many thanks!

I have now found the home page content! It is in an unnamed block! Cheers