2.1.0 Before New Year's Eve!

I believe there is nothing wrong with storing the credit card info LESS the CVV, but the way I understand it, if you choose to store this information, you have to go through a bunch of security **** that most of us do not want or intend to do for PCI/DSS compliance… Things like firewalls, security plans and reporting, seperate databases for CC info, etc… All stuff that people on a shared server would probably not want to try and do with their hosts… I have a dedicated server but I chose not to store any of the CC info (except the last four digits for customer reference) on the server or in the database.

Should the unthinkable happen, I dont want any of that info to be available… Remember, you are liable for this info once you receive it, and are held accountable should a breach of security take place. Let your payment gateway be the one that worries about this stuff, thats what part of the percentage of the sale that they take goes towards.

2.0.10 will be available this week.

[quote name=‘Noman’]2.0.10 will be available this week.[/QUOTE]

How you can said ?

[quote name=‘miracles’]How you can said ?[/QUOTE]

It’s called magic and 101% prediction :wink:

[quote name=‘miracles’]How you can said ?[/QUOTE]



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We’re planning to release 2.0.10 in 2-3 days. [/quote]