2.09 orders won get past shipping

I upgraded last week and beside killing my listing on google. It tunrs out i wasn’t slow last week…the cart would not go past the shipping page on the checkout

I reverted and it worked

Did you check the user groups on shipping methods? You would also need to do this on payment methods.

However, it seems there were problems in converting memberships to users groups for many who upgraded. Hopefully, 2.0.10 will be much smoother.


I recently installed upgrades 2.0.9 and 2.0.10.

When Users try to checkout, the process stalls between each step. For instance, A guest user enters their contact info (step 1) and clicks “save”.

The “Loading…” notification shows up at the top of the screen, but nothing happens. I first noticed this in Firefox 3.5.5. I went a head and check it in IE, Safari, and Chrome, and there isn’t a problem. Just Firefox.

If you navigate to the previous page and back to the checkout section, the contact info has been saved (if you wait at least a second or two for the operation to be performed, that is).

This seems to be a javascript / ajax related error, but the Error Console in firefox isn’t throwing any errors.

The url for the store is [url]http://yoyolipgloss.com/buyyoyo/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=165[/url]