2.0 Demo Skins Panel

Anyone know how to activate or define the skins panel in 2.0?

[COLOR=“Green”]define(‘SKINS_PANEL’, true); [/COLOR]no longer works in the config as I get errors when putting this line in.

Sorry, this is not a answer to your question, but I have a question about your new Cs-cart 2.0 templates that you are working on.

Are they complete templates installed in the skins directory (and therefore will not be upgradable with future cs-cart upgrades) or are they just modified pages using the hook approach. I was hoping they would use the hook approach so that one is not locked into using version 2.03 forever.

I have been playing with the hook approach and it definately seems like the way to go when modifying or creating 2.0 templates. I hope you agree.

It looks like you got this working - mind sharing the solution?



Well, this does the trick. In config.local.php, add this at the bottom (just before ?>):

```php define(‘SKINS_PANEL’,1); ```


Sorry for the delays on my replies here guys.

Not working with the hooks as of right now.

Yes, that is the resolution to get the demo panel working…but it was only after the 2.0.4 upgrade. :rolleyes: