2.0.9 is coming!

[quote name=‘Offline’]Any clue to what new features are being added to this version?[/QUOTE]

So far, the big new features are subscriptions/recurring billing, data feeds, a downloadable price list, improved product tabs and new block types (HTML block, Unique HTML block). Also new is a Google sitemap generator and the ability for a customer to upload files (e.g., for businesses doing custom work). Revisions and workflow have been implemented (they were pulled from a previous release). Live Help and the Buy Together addons look like they are still works-in-progess- hopefully they will make the cut.

There are a lot of smaller improvements, as well. Notifications are being improved - well, at least, the add to cart notification. There are improvements in membership (now called user groups)-control for products, categories, shipping methods and pages. There are also a number of bug fixes which have been reported in the Bug Tracker.

All in all, this looks like a very nice upgrade. Hopefully, the upgrade process itself will be very smooth.


so far it looks like 2.09 is going to be a little late for most of us to risk updating

before the first of the year .

I don’t know about the rest of you guys … but unless it comes really soon i will not risk installing it and not having time to fully test before the Christmas rush … would be really bad to miss all those orders …

so maybe it will come really soon so we can get all those upgrade hiccups out of the way before then .

I hope it comes out this month, I need some of the new features for my new store. Do we have an ETA on its arrival?

[quote name=‘miracles’]lookout all features on labs.cs-cart.com/admin.php[/QUOTE]

How do you get access to that website? I tried my login details… nothing. I would love to follow the dev roadmap

You should be able to access the site using your forum username and password.


Is the new product tabs functionality supposedly coming to 2.0.9 currently up at the labs.cs-cart site? That’s a major feature I’ve been waiting for, but I can’t find it anywhere in the admin area on the labs site. Am I just missing it? I assume we’ll be able to add custom tabs to product pages. I’ve been waiting for this to upgrade my store.

I’m still on a trial version, so can’t access labs yet - do you know if they decided to add the mini-cart function back in with the new release by chance?

the mini cart can be added back in very easily…

[quote name=‘tjmaxwell’]Is the new product tabs functionality supposedly coming to 2.0.9 currently up at the labs.cs-cart site? That’s a major feature I’ve been waiting for, but I can’t find it anywhere in the admin area on the labs site. Am I just missing it? I assume we’ll be able to add custom tabs to product pages. I’ve been waiting for this to upgrade my store.[/QUOTE]

The product tabs is part of Design->Blocks and includes two new block types (HTML block and Unique HTML block). You create blocks with a position of “Product details page”. You can then enable the block for a product(s) in the Block tab under Catalog->Products and choose the content in the block has a Filling type of ‘Manual’.


I would love to see the new features, but I don’t want them to rush and provide buggy upgrades.

If I can’t get it by the end of this month, I won’t upgrade until January.

I would appreciate some communication between CS-Cart and its community. We all love the product, it would be good to just hear an update from them every once in a while.


I agree that it makes no sense to rush the upgrade - it is much more important that it is a smooth process. Beside, as you and others have pointed out, it is getting a bit too close to the holiday season for many to update so they might as well take the time to clean up loose ends.


Currently they are fixing 2.0.8 bugs. So i think they will give surprise in Christmas

[quote name=‘jegesmaci’]I would appreciate some communication between CS-Cart and its community. We all love the product, it would be good to just hear an update from them every once in a while.[/QUOTE]

Agreed. Seems like some of the items in the labs are not fully implemented (e.g., Baby of the month, revisions/workflows and Live Help). I’d like to know if the revisions feature is planned for the 2.0.9 release and, if so, will hold up release. Same with Live Help.

Personally, I do not think that features should show up in the lab until they are actually working. Having access to the labs is great for seeking input so that working features can be refined but makes no sense for partially implemented stuff. There is not much to comment on if all you can say is that it does not work.


I know that CS-Cart doesn’t follow this forum or at least doesn’t actively post. Do they have a Product Manager that can give us some information about what is coming and we can interface with them for product ideas.

I would suggest even using a crowdsourcing product like UserVoice ([url]http://uservoice.com/[/url]) to have customers post their ideas and have other customers vote on those ideas.

As a Software Product Manager, I have used a similar tools to help determine features for my customers and communicate upcoming ideas.

What do you think CS-Cart?

What do you think CS-Cart Community?


[quote name=‘jegesmaci’]What do you think CS-Cart Community?[/QUOTE]

I think this is a great idea!

I think this was to some extent the intent of the Wishlist and Future requests subforum but it has failed to truly engage the community with a lot of back-and-forth for input. The Bug Tracker has been a bit more successful but has still failed as an effective means of two-way communication.

I hope they consider this.


Cs-cart 2.0.9 already it is ready to download in the Customer Help Desk now.

[QUOTE]Any clue to what new features are being added to this version?[/QUOTE]

Here is the changelog.txt from the install package.

[+] - new feature/improvement
[*] - functionality changes
[!] - bugfix

Version 2.0.9, November 11 2009

[+] Google sitemap addon was added.
[+] Data feeds addon was added.
[+] Recurring billing addon was added.
[+] The new product option type "File" was added.
[+] The "Package" skin was added.
[+] The "Flower shop" skin was added.
[+] The "Dark whiteness", "Green web" and "Temper" skins were added.
[+] Browser detection was added.
[+] The ability to store credit cards information was added to customer profiles.
[+] Ability to create tabs on addon options page was added.
[+] Ability to add HTML blocks via block manager was added.
[+] Ability to manage Product tabs was added.
[+] Memberships were improved (several groups can be assigned to the object now) and renamed to user groups.
[+] A new notification style for the "add to cart", "add to wishlist" and "add to compare list" actions was added.

[*] PayPal Website payment standards: link to demo site was added.
[*] Timezones list was extended.
[*] WorldPay payment was updated according to the payment card industry data security standards.
[*] Ability to set description for payment processor was added.
[*] Descriptions were added for PayPal, PayPal Pro, PayPal Express Checkout payment processors.
[*] Number of disabled products was added to dashboard.
[*] New currency "thai baht" was added to PayPal Standard payment processor.
[*] File uploader in the customer area was improved.
[*] Tinymce editor: pagebreak button was removed from toolbar.
[*] Anti fraud addon: fraud checking was improved.
[*] Upgrade center: checking for ability to write to file/directory is improved.
[*] Product options: hook was added to add/update product option page in order to allow addons to add new fields.
[*] Obsolete blocks code was removed from templates.
[*] Linkpoint connect payment module: test URL was updated.
[*] The displaying of the blocks in the Block manager was changed.
[*] The displaying of the Product details page tabs section on the Editing product page was corrected.
[*] The displaying of the Product details options block was corrected in IE7 browser.
[*] Enets payment gateway: post URL updated, test mode removed.
[*] Installation wizard: charset was added to html code.
[*] Installer: description added to console-mode config file.
[*] Tables/language variables from baby of the month addon were moved to addon definition xml.
[*] Zipcode validation format is improved for USA to allow codes like 01234-4567.
[*] Flash charts (amcharts): settings retrieval was improved and simplified.
[*] Flash charts (amcharts) were updated to the latest version.
[*] Admin panel: The displaying of the "common" table style was updated.
[*] Admin panel: The displaying of the usergroup privileges page was corrected.
[*] Customer area: The displaying of the Dropdown menu was corrected.
[*] Console mode: ability to execute store index script from any location was added.
[*] The page break was removed from the Packing slip page.
[*] Deprecated function was replaced with proper analogs to support php 5.3
[*] PDF generator: custom classes were moved to a separate file.
[*] SEO addon: obsolete function was removed.
[*] IP address detection was improved (checking for local address scope for forwarded IP).
[*] PDF generation: images are retrieved via local filesystem (if possible) now.
[*] Content search: obsolete function was removed.
[*] Product features and filters: descriptions were added.
[*] Product features: pagination and search were added to admin panel.
[*] Product filters: pagination and search were added to admin panel.
[*] The javascript hook system was improved.
[*] The displaying of lists created in WYSIWYG editor was corrected on the News list page.
[*] The address format was changed.
[*] Tinymce editor was updated to the latest version, the list of supported languages was extended.
[*] Block manager: block positions are saved automatically now.
[*] Google base: the ability to export weight to Google base was added.

[!] Product feature comparison: grouped features were not displayed. Fixed.
[!] Product filter: hidden products were taken into consideration when counting products in the filter. Fixed.
[!] Product filter defined for one category was displayed on a parent category's detail page. Fixed.
[!] Gift registry addon: an error was displayed on the events detail page if there was a product with the options. Fixed.
[!] Product configurator: if the same product was chosen in at least two configuration groups, the quantity of the product in the cart was 1. Fixed.
[!] Bestsellers addon: sales amount was calculated incorrectly when changing the product category. Fixed.
[!] Products popularity: there was an ability to increase (unlimited) the products popularity. Fixed.
[!] Product configurator: if no product was selected in the configuration, the prices were displayed incorrectly on the invoice and order detail page, and an empty table of components was displayed. Fixed.
[!] WorldPay payment processor: the "Test: Declined" mode worked incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] "Out of stock" products were displayed in the configuration on a product detail page if the "Show out of stock products" was disabled. Fixed.
[!] Product quantity was displayed incorrectly in the product filter if there were "Out of stock" products. Fixed.
[!] A product can be included in different price ranges if the product had "qty discounts" defined. Fixed.
[!] The global product option was applied to the product incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] "$" sign couldn't be used as database password/encryption key during installation. Fixed.
[!] Upgrade center: first-level directories were not created using FTP connection. Fixed.
[!] Hidden profiles fields were displayed on the invoice. Fixed.
[!] REAL_LOCATION constant was generated incorrectly on windows-based hostings. Fixed.
[!] Polls: only one comment was displayed on the "View answers" page in the administration panel. Fixed.
[!] iDeal XML payment processor: incorrect parameters were checked in payment response. Fixed.
[!] iDeal Basic payment processor: hardcoded text was replaced with a laguage variable.
[!] Orders: product prices were displayed without options on order details pages.
[!] Order management: subtotal was calculated incorrectly after order editing. Fixed.
[!] Promotions: the 'contains' operator did not work for the coupon code condition. Fixed.
[!] Javascript core: if mail.ru agent is installed on the client's machine, then the wrong version of the browser was defined in IE8. Fixed.
[!] Cart promotion was not applied if there was a product with any option combination and quantity more than 1 in the condition. Fixed.
[!] Order management: customer authentication data contained incorrect user group IDs. Fixed.
[!] Order discount was not displayed on the invoice. Fixed.
[!] Gift registry: products that had required products were not added to the cart from the event page. Fixed.
[!] Text in the breadcrumbs escaped twice. Fixed.
[!] Promotions were not applied to "qty discounts" prices of product on its detail page. Fixed.
[!] If a user account was disabled, the user could log in via password restore feature. Fixed.
[!] Google checkout: Taxes were not passed to google if there were only "Free shipping" products in the cart. Fixed.
[!] Google checkout: Default percent tax rates were passed to google as they are (not divided by 100). Fixed.
[!] User profile fields were not filled correctly if first/last names were disabled for contact info. Fixed.
[!] Short products list: if the "ask customer to enter price" option was enabled, price was not accepted from this list. Fixed.
[!] If a product had a lot of secondary categories (more than 200), categories were not retrieved correctly. Fixed.
[!] When exporting several orders into a PDF document, only the first one was exported. Fixed.
[!] Yourpay payment processor: avs/cvv information was not stored. Fixed.
[!] If CMS page had an assigned localization, it was reset when updating multiple pages. Fixed.
[!] News addon: search by content. If search in news was enabled, HTML markup generated incorrectly in search results. Fixed.
[!] Blocks: dynamic categories list was displayed expanded on the home page. Fixed.
[!] Wishlist addon: wishlist was saved for anonymous users after logging out. Fixed.
[!] Block manager: block with manually listed pages was not sorted. Fixed.
[!] Wishlist addon: product could not be added to wishlist from home page. Fixed.
[!] Block manager: specific settings for default selection were not displayed when adding a block.
[!] Block manager: if list object was changed, list items were not deleted. Fixed.
[!] Installer: SQL error appeared if tables with "_descriptions" suffix existed in the database during installation. Fixed.
[!] Product search: incorrect parameter was used for search by category. Fixed.
[!] States list was sorted incorrectly in webkit-based browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc.). Fixed.
[!] Advanced product filtering: search conditions were formed by "OR" condition instead of "AND". Fixed.
[!] Incorrect pagination was displayed when products were retrieved with empty "items_per_page" condition. Fixed.
[!] Attachments addon: invalid HTML markup was used. Fixed.
[!] Hidden and disabled pages were displayed in the block with the "manually" filling. Fixed.
[!] Gift certificates: if the "redeem shipping cost" option was enabled, shipping weight was not calculated correctly. Fixed.
[!] Flash charts (amcharts) did not work in IE via secure connection. Fixed.
[!] Reward points addon: subject was formed incorrectly in a notification email. Fixed.
[!] Notifications about downloadable product access were not sent to a user if activation type of the corresponding files was Immediately or if the order was processed at once. Fixed.
[!] Reward points addon: incorrect product ID was used in the "options_advanced" hook. Fixed.
[!] The chosen shipping method(s) was reset at checkout when adding new products to the cart. Fixed.
[!] If SEO addon was enabled, link anchors did not work. Fixed.
[!] Statistics addon: robots were not tracked. Fixed.
[!] Pages: subpages were not retrieved if selection from certain page was performed. Fixed.
[!] Product features search form: search by feature type redesigned.
[!] Statistics addon: incorrect condition was used when displaying repeat/new visits. Fixed.
[!] Statistics addon: SQL errors appearred on mysql 5.1 server. Fixed.
[!] PHP notice displayed on the checkout page if all shipping address fields were disabled. Fixed.
[!] Category view: incorrect placeholder was used in a query. Fixed.
[!] Product features: groups were not displayed in the customer area. Fixed.
[!] Newsletters: backslashes were added before links in the letters sent via SMTP. Fixed.
[!] Translation mode: the "Sign in" popup was not displayed. Fixed.