2.0.9 Interface heads-up


I just went through and I tried to make a list of interface changes and options that seemed new to me for 2.0.9 - I didn’t do this for 2.0.8 so there may be some carry over…

Things to check:

Categories > Edit:

Availability - now includes all membership groups - can apply settings to subcategories to save time

Products > Edit:

Availability - now includes all membership groups - THERE IS NO DEFAULT checked

Blocks - now includes layout block editing framework on product page with accordion view - this seems to be where custom tabs can be assigned for a given product, but without a global capability

Product Features:

Now shows what product categories each product group appears on

Possible to search for a feature (perhaps this isn’t new)

Product Filters:

Now shows what the filter will appear as in summary, as well as where it will display


All promotional membership condition statements appear to be broken/unconverted

_promotion_cond_membership suggests that the language variable itself has been discontinued. these conditions are no longer connected to a table - there is no selectable option in existing conditions. They must be recreated.


There does not seem to be any restriction on steps or product groups for user groups. However it remains to be seen whether a configurable product available to anyone will include product options that are only available to exclusive groups in its product steps.

Users > Edit:

Customers when edited have a user groups tab that allows their user group to be assigned - this is separate from thier user type. A user can have more than on customer group, but cannot be more than one user type.

It appears that secondary administrators can belong to various user groups, but the primary administrator cannot belong to a user group.

This suggests that the original administrator account should be used as a ‘superuser’ account and that other administrator account should be created to allow for privileged use of different sections of the store backend interface.

Affiliates may belong to user groups now - separate from their type.

Suppliers may also belong to user groups.

Shipping/Taxes > Shipping Methods

Are set to ‘All’ user groups by default - now optional to restrict freight types and terms to user groups

Administration > Settings:

General >

Users/cart - allow customer to signup for user group

Appearance >

Customer settings - notice displaying time, display in stock as a field, display product tabs as a list

Image Verification >

Character shadows

Addons >

Data Feeds

Google Sitemap

Price List

Recurring Billing

Payment Methods >

Each payment methods by default has a flag set to be available to all user groups - but can be set to allow for only certain groups.


Pages, Links, Forms and Polls - Availability by default is all, but is now selectable by user group

That seems to be it - if anyone has any other interesting interface tidbits to mention, please do.