2.0.9 FRESH blocks and other things dont work

So, I decided to creat a subdomain and install a fresh version of 2.0.9, for my surprise everything went smoothly.

Now, after setting everything up I decided to start messing with the blocks design and other things… guess what… nothing works.

The blocks dont show if Im logged in on the front end, I need to logout in order to see what Im doing on the backend (weird).

The image verification isnt working AT ALL.

On the backend every block you create simply dont work…

The Taxes arent applied to the final price as well.

Shipping costs arent applied as well to the final price.

Anyone with this issues?

Can’t get anything other than a blank screen on both customer and admin links.

-Checked .htaccess

-Checked permissions

-Checked db config

About to check into an insane assylum. But I look forward to getting back on the horse and trying again.

This is how we installed

This info was provided by silverbestbuy

1: close your store for visitors.

2: clean your browsers cache. IE or FF which ever you are using.

3: delete all the files in your cache of the site. (var/cache and var/compiled) not the folder itself the files inside.

4: now do the upgrade without opening the front end of your store.

5: give all the permissions to the files mentioned on the upgrade page.

6: make sure your skin directory has all the permissions (read/write/execute)

I have the same problem. Since the update the system also takes some time to show products.

CuteRiteFX suggestion does not work for me.

Read this post


tks zeero6.

Thank God I tried a fresh install and not upgrading :slight_smile:

they are aware of the blocks problem …

it sounds as though the blocks not being there unless you log out

is related to :


have you moved around any blocks (rearranged them )

i notice if i rearrange blocks that exact same thing happens …

it has been reported and im sure it will be fixed …