2.0.8 Global Options

There is a glitch in the Global Options, and it is something I and perhaps many others would be thrilled with a solution for :wink:

When the options are set up as “Text” or “Textarea”, the exceptions mode does not recognize these…and do not even show up when disregarding or disabling. In the customized products I offer, there are a couple of text lines where the customer fills out what they want engraved…BUT only if choosing that option from a drop down above. I need to be able to disable the text lines if they choose “No” in the drop down.

Is there a way to edit this to accommodate ?

{foreach from=$i.combination item=“c” key=“k”}

{if ($product_options.$k.option_type == “S”) || ($product_options.$k.option_type == “R”) || ($product_options.$k.option_type == “C”)}


The developers do not hangout much in the forums. You should post this in theBug Tracker:

[url]CS-Cart Community Forums

The added advantage is that this creates a central repository for all bugs and feature requests. This should assist both the developers and us users.


Thanks Bob…didn’t know about that. Will do it asap…thanks again :smiley:


Not sure if this is a bug or customization. I have products, for example, with 4 dropdowns for options and up to 10 text fields. If the text fields behaved like the options, the exceptions and the automatic option combination’s would be in the thousands.


Are using RegExp with the required fields? If so Cs-Cart has a note that says 'If you are using the regexp checking, it is necessary to set a prompting message informing of the incorrect filling of the field, otherwise, the checking will not be performed"

I tried it in the Cs-Cart demo cart and it seems to be working fine.

See this is where my very limited knowledge makes it tough to figure these things out…

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

This is clearly not a bug but it is a reasonable feature request. I will again point to the most frequently cited reason for its need: to disable a “gift card note” option (text) unless the “gift wrap” option is selected.

There is no question that having a lot of text options could complicate option combinations/exceptions handling. But this could be addressed by providing an “Ignore text options” choice when creating option combinations.



I have never used the combinations mode…or I should say I TRIED it once with one of my cake toppers. Since I have so many choices in each of the options, it totaled in the 1000’s, and I had to delete the item & reinstate it.

I am far from tech minded when it comes to the highly specialized coding that goes into these carts, so please forgive the glow of green around me :oops:

It sounds like a complicated venture, but I am sure it could be utilized by many who have the same options as I do…