2.0.8 Custom Block Issue

I am using version 2.0.8 and I am trying to work in getting a new page added with a specific layout that is not similar to all the other pages on the site.

I added the menu link and created the page. The menu link works and redirects to the new page. What I need to do is get a new category block specific to the page content added along with other blocks.

In the admin panel, I go to content – pages and select edit for the new page. Within the edit section I select the blocks and all that is there is a message that states “No custom blocks defined for this section” with a link to the Manage Custom Blocks.

When I click the link it seems to take me back to the parent block management area and not to an area where I can modify the new page block layout. Is this a bug, feature not supported or am I missing a step here?

You need to first create your block(s) under the Pages tab in Design->Blocks. You can then assign that block (and populate it if the filling is manual) under the Blocks tab when editing your custome page.


Thanks for your help Bob! I was able to add the blocks needed.