2.0.12 upgrade from 2.0.11 - Some Javascript not working

I just did the 2.0.12 upgrade from 2.0.11

I have a slightly customized version of the Cars template, once I did the upgrade the first 2 problems I found are: the javascript pop-open mini-cart located just above the left nav menu will not open, also the currency selector (located to the far right of the mini-cart) will not open. I looked at the source, and I see the HTML is rendered correctly, javascript is active in my browser since other jquery based features I have are working…

SO I reverted the upgrade, and the 2 features I listed above are working again.

I hope to heard that this problem is addressed before I try the upgrade again, luckily I am not live yet, and can wait a little while for the security updates.

Has anyone else had any problems with javascript based features after the upgrade?

OK, I got it… seems I edited skins/myskin/customer/common_templates/scripts.tpl to allow me to hook out the whole file. (since I needed to add some JS files)

I changed the hook located near the bottom to include the whole file (not sure this was needed) but thats what I did and I added some JS includes… I have just updated this again and all is well.

Can I us the hook out of the box to add ‘{script src=“lib/jquery/superfish.js”}’

I wasn’t sure since it is located toward the bottom and I want to include with the other includes near the top??

Must say the installer and install reverted worked flawlessly :wink: