2.0.10 calculating wrong discount between list and price

The discount figure and percentage is incorrectly calculated as it take the different between the Price (Net) and the List Price (Gross).

For example:

List price: £216.13

Price: £183.00 (£210.45 inc VAT)

You save: £5.68 (3%)

^^^This is incorrect.

Which file needs to be amended?



Update - if you change the appearance settings to not display prices with taxes it calculates the discount correctly.

Does anyone know which file does the calculation so I can fix the bug.


Old post I know but for ref:

In CS Cart the List Price is the price that the manufacturer suggests the product sells for i.e. £999.95. The List Price is not your cost price or your selling price + VAT/TAX

@ pheritage

did you find out how to fix this bug, I( have the same problem. I want to list the price and vat seperate but cant because my user groups discounts get cocked up as it looks at the list price and vat.



Any one have this sorted please.

[quote name=‘johnbol1’]Any one have this sorted please.[/QUOTE]

Johnbol, did you find out any answer yet?

I reported the bug to cs cart myself today … lets see what we can make to resolve the bug!

Tax calculations was a driving factor for doing 2.1 (along with checkout processing).

Take a look in the roadmap forum and you’ll find pleanty about tax issues and why it can’t be “fixed” in 2.0.