$1800+ in FREE Addons included in CS-CART

That’s right, 0ver $1800+ in FREE Addons included in CS-CART, yep with other carts you would have to spend over $1800+ to 3rd party vendors to get all the mods below that you get FREE in CS-Cart, do the math and see why CS-Cart is the best E-Commerce solution for your business:

Drop shipping (N/A at brand X)

Statistics addon is added.

Acceess Restrictions addons is added.

Gift certificates addon is added.

Listmania (N/A at brand X)

Promotion (N/A at brand X)

RMA addon is added.

Reward points ($149.99 at brand X)

Cart and wishlist content viewer is added

Newest Products ($34.99 at brand X)

Testimonials ($34.99 at brand X)

Affiliate Module ($75.35 at brand X)

Feature Comparison ($46.75 at brand X)

Product Configurator ($95.00 at brand X)

Gift Registry ($57.35 at brand X)

Dynamic Image Generator ($55 at brand X)

Wish List, Reviews Viewer ($29.95 at brand X)

Point of Sale / Phone ordering ($145 at brand X)

Recently Viewed products ($25 at brand X)

Reports Manager ($200 at brand X)

Ads/Banner Managment ($100 at brand X)

Froogle export ($40 at brand X)

Skin Swap ($66 at brand X)

News Managment ($99.95 at brand X)

Newslist Manager ($39.95 at brand X)

CMS/Topics Manager (N/A at brand X)

Maxmind Antifraud ($49.99 at brand X)

Batch Product Updating ($59.95 at brand X)

Profit Reports ($49.95 at brand X)

Customers Also Bought ($39.95 at brand X)

MaxMind antifraud ($57.35 at brand X)

Over $400+ more Addons Coming in CS-Cart v1.3.6:

TBA…($$.$$ N/A at brand X)

TBA…($$.$$ N/A at brand X)

TBA…($$$.$$ N/A at brand X)

TBA…($$.$$ N/A at brand X)

CS-Cart is the best E-Commerce solution for your business, the decision is easy:


Wow!! With all those add ons I should be using this cart. Wait a minute…I am!

hey, for a second i thought i should buy this cart, almost ordered… but then i realised i already own a copy… haha…

I think most people just don’t realize all the things we get for free in cs cart

that we would have to pay with any other cart :smiley:

The CS Mod Club has 4+ new Addons under development worth over an additional $800+ that you won’t find in any other cart…

yea, more addons, more feature means more sales…yippie…crushing the competition one sale at a time

any addons for older versions of cs-cart (like 1.3.5sp3) ?