160000 Products, 1000 Category, 100000 Product Feature

160000 Products,

1000 Category,

100000 Product feature

what kind of server should it be?
modules that prevent it from running fast. which ones?

v4.7.2 PHP 7.0

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Yes product features that slow down the site
all pages associated with product features are slow

Apache version: Apache/2.4.29
PHP version: 7.0.10 [PHP Switcher]
MySQL version: 10.1.28-MariaDB
CPU Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31240 @ 3.30GHz
CPU Details: 8 Core (2923 MHz)
Memory: 8GB
Distro Name: CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)

Is there a friend who can help I with this?

Server hardware alone will not just be enough to handle this, there will be some necessary database structure and code optimizations that have to be done, we spent about 3 months doing xdebug profiling to optimize this properly. Just to give you some perspective this is our store reference data count (numbers rounded up to the nearest 100th):

167,000 Products

6,000 Categories

78 Features with 680,000 Feature Values

Without divulging too much about our infrastructure we are powering our site with the following:

Web Server Fleet: 2 x c5.xlarge AWS instances

Database Fleet: RDS db.m4.xlarge Multi-AZ (MariaDB 10.2.x)

Cache Fleet (page, block): ElasticCache cache.r4.large (2 nodes - memcached)

Session Fleet: ElasticCache cache.r4.large (3 nodes, 1 shard - redis)

All of this is setup on AWS and has some other implementations that I cannot divulge here such as our GlusterFS implementation to share files between the webservers and our Elastic Load Balancer setup.

We converted all the tables over to InnoDB and implemented partitioning for several of the large tables (such as product_feature_values). The rest came from index optimizations, code re-writes and changes to the core cs-cart DB classes to optimize large dataset retrieval.

How much do you pay with aws?

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This basically gives a somewhat rough estimation of what we're paying, a lot is not included because it's not relevant but it gives a ballpark.


It needs to be taken into account that a lot of this is handled via AWS OpsWorks and Chef Recipes.

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Is there a friend who can help I with this?


We have experience with both large datasets and load balancing. If you desire a quote you may contact us at sales@poppedweb.com.

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