12 Leaves cool iPhone friendly banner

Hi all

I have been looking for a cool none flash banner for a while that runs with CS-Cart and on the iPhone and iPads. I purchased the 12 Leaves sliding banner which sells for Zen cart and CS Cart. It’s cheap, at $29, and looks and works a treat.

I had a 2.1.1 bug with the original files, but Vlad G. at 12 Leaves helped me out over night, and by dropping out the ref to the java file (it’s already in the CS app), it worked just fine.

Cool thing is, it uses almost zero resource, as Java file already in CS app and the CSS file is tiny. It’s really down to the photo sizes and how many you add. The speed of the home page is SOO important.

Highly recommended.

For those of you that don’t know what he is talking about.