100% width for a specific template file

im a newbie so pardon if i can’t explain in your language :mrgreen:

i’m trying to create a horizontal bar on the topmost part of the page. something very similar to Zappos’ www.zappos.com

You’ll notice that the site has a fixed width, except for the blue bar on top (set to 100%).

I tried editing style.css class=“quick-links” and added a background color. It works, top_quick_links.tpl is filled with blue background and I now have a similar blue horizontal bar on top. However, it’s still constrained to the fixed width of my site.

any tips on how i can make it go 100% width? (without affecting the rest of the page)


im using the Basic skin, CS-cart 2.1.3 MVE

Any help from CSS experts? :smiley:

Use firebug on zappos to find out how margins are set. Div(s) layout are different in zappos and cs-cart.

The quick way could be set the background with an image height same as quick links and set it to {repeat-x center top}

thanks! i’ll give that a try :smiley: