1 product image used hundreds of times..problem

I have a product which comes in a variation of sizes (about 1000), but only want to use the same stock image for all of them.

I load the image up FOAM.JPG and then do a mass import (all the Image filenames are FOAM.JPG).

But when i look at the site, 1 item has the proper filename but the other 999 have alternative filenames like


Not only that but the thumbnails are also reproduced for them as well.

I just want 1 image for the the 1000 items. is there a place i can tick in the admin or something to correct this. it increase category page load times as the same thumbnail is downloaded 20 times and Its difficult doing a backup of that size on my server)

I believe, someone already mentioned this. I’m not sure if you can find it in the bug tracker.

BTW, nasty glitch.

This is sort of a bug to you and I, but I also see why it is done that way.

If you created a product called foam1, attached “Foam.JPG” to it and saved.

Now you create another product named Foam2, and also, attached the same image to it.

Down the road, Foam1 becomes discontinued, or you want to delete it, You delete it, and it deletes Foam.JPG along with it. Leaving Product Foam2 without an image. This would be the reason each product has to have a seperate copy of the image, even if it is the same.

This also would be a problem if you imported new products, along with the image name being the same as one already on your site, it would overwrite the old image and all the products would be listed with the same incorrect image. In your case that might be ideal, but for others not.

While I dont know what would be a good way to avoid this, something in the way of a link to an image for a group of products that are the same, with some kind of mechanism to check to make sure there are no other products linked to the image before deleting the image if one of the products were deleted.

Having a way to choose to do what you are looking for might be difficult, but I’m sure it could be done.

What i’m considering doing is setting up linked global options with a few images and adding them to the products (this way it will only store these pictures once but use them thousand of times).

It will show the missing image in the product but i’ll modify that to something better than “no image available”. Wanted to have a product image as i like to froogle.

Hello mrfoameruk,

Try this on your LOCAL server:

1 - Export in CSV your products catalog.

2 - Change every FOAM[xxx].jpg with FOAM.jpg

3 - Save your new CSV catalog

4 - Import your new CSV catalog in your LOCAL server

5 - Test

Lee Li Pop

PS: I change my products images in bulk easily and quickly with SciTE.

Indeed, with SciTE you can open/save CSV files and Replace (CTRL + H) everything inside quickly.

When you say local i take you mean test.

Don’t have one of those but did it on my normal site and it didn’t help it just re did the renumbering.

I’ve worked round it by not having a product image but changing the no image gif into “View product details” and having the options with images of the different products.

Not brilliant but thats the only way i can cut down on backup problems although i’ve also sent a request to the server people to see what they can do.

I have the same problem. I manage my site’s images and product data, so the problem of some image being missing later, doesn’t exist. Each upload of product metadata (including image location) is a complete refresh. I don’t want the cart to copy any images at all, but to just use the existing image (and my csv import tells it where the file is located).

Is there a setting to tell the cart not to duplicate images, just use the path assigned (via import)?