1 Item, Multiple Colors, Multiple Sizes/Lengths, Multiple Inventory Values - How???

Sorry if this was posted else where but I could not find the answer.

I am looking for solutions on how to create a single product with multiple colors, multiple sizes or lengths, and unique inventory quantities for each of the options for inventory tracking. Is this possible in CS?


Product: Shirt

Sizes: S, M, L

Colors: Blue, Green, Red

Quantity: 1 S/B, 2 M/G, 4 L/B, 1 M/R…and so on

I know this can be done in CS - any clues on how?

Thanks very much in Advance

Yes, to all !

No need to re-write a book, here is some good reading material: :slight_smile:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation