1.3.5sp4 to 2.x...

After running 1.3.4sp3 since the beginning and being very happy with it, php and other issues have forced us to upgrade. Support has been TREMENDOUS in our various upgrading problems (my faults), and I feel like I have asked too much of them, so wondering if any of you have some input…

I'm now at 1.3.5sp4 (yes it took me awhile), with a supposedly good/stable database and install. As per instructions, I am supposed to upgrade our database to 2.0.8 before moving on to the latest, and the first step is to put the images back into the database (CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation). When trying to do this within the back end, it starts out fine but I then get a quick flash of an error, saying encountered too large of a packet or something. The script then displays a huge amount of ascii-type characters and then hangs with some other errors at the end.

Any thoughts? I can run the script again and post exact errors, but don't want to mess things up further. Thanks for any ideas…

Server and/or server configuration issues.

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Server and/or server configuration issues.


Thanks, Tool. Yeah, except that doesn't help me much in where to start. I also have lost the ability to login now for no reason I can see, so I'm restoring now again to a 1.3.5sp4 backup. Perhaps the database isn't as healthy as I thought. ? [edit - or, is this a php issue again (running 5.3.x) and old cs can't do things right anymore?]

This whole process has not gone well, thinking more and more about just going 2.2.2 clean and losing all of my past orders/products. Not a nice option, but… that's what I get for waiting to long to upgrade.

You don't need to start all over from scratch. It's a long process (last one I did for someone it took 10 hours going from 1.3.5sp4 to 2.1.4) but it can be done. Most problems during upgrades stem from servers. With the one I just spoke of, I began upgrading on their server and the first thing I ran into problems with was transferring images to the database. Before I wasted anymore time, I copied their files and database over to my server and upgraded.

What tool said is correct, you'll need to reconfigure your server in order to upgrade.

The too_large_packet is probably the packet size limitation when you move all of your images into the database (from the file system) as per the upgrade instructions.


Thanks Tool and Jesse. Understood and agreed on that error, except that I don't understand what “reconfigure” means, or what to ask my host to do.

After restoring (even though it seems to loop when dumping/creating/inserting tables at the end), I think I'm back to a semi-healthy 1.3.5sp4 and can login and see all of my data afaik. I'm on Linux, cPanel 11.30.2, Apache 2.2.19, php 5.3.6. ?

It's suggested that you speak to your webhost as they'll be able to review their error logs to view the exact cause of the error. There are many variables that counteract other variables when it comes to Apache/PHP between them both - accordingly what ever we post is pure speculation because of this.

Very well, thanks again everyone! I'll see what I can do…

Just an update, I'm on 2.2.2 after a fairly painless process. A few bumps in the road, but thanks to those here and our host, I've begun learning 2.2.2. Thanks again!