1.3.5SP4 to 2.0.14 problem


I need your help please.

I ran a cs-cart shop which version is 1.3.5SP4 and want to go to 2.0.14.

I make a custom new template directly in 2.0.14 and works fine, but I can’t get my categories and products from 1.3.5SP4.

I tried by using upgrade tools from 1.3.5SP4 to 2.0.8 but I encourage some problems like this:

Database error: Unknown column 'a.position' in 'order clause' (1054)
Invalid query: SELECT a.*, b.description FROM cscart_currencies as a LEFT JOIN cscart_currency_descriptions as b ON a.currency_code = b.currency_code AND lang_code = 'EN' WHERE status = 'A' ORDER BY a.position

Can anyone help me please.

Sorry for my english

You probably did not run any of the sql files included in the 1.3.4 sp4 to 2.0.8 upgrade kit. Do you still have your 1.3.4 sp4 installation?