1.3.5 sp4 --> 2.0.8 How to import manufacturers?


I have about 2100 products in base.

In 1.3.5sp4 each have Manufacturer options.

After upgrade to 2.0.8 Manufacturer lost.

How to can i importing its with Manufacturer options?


Manufacturers are imported as product features. After the upgrade you should be able to go to product features and see Manufacturers there. When you click on manufacturers you can then see the manufacturers as variants. When you upgrade everything should be imported including images and descriptions.

The manufacturers have been kind of an issue, but Snorocket has came up with a mod to make it a little better. You can see his mod at:


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But after upgrade, lost dependency between product and Manufacturers.

Or this normal

and I must once again set this option for each product?

Any ideas?

I am not really sure what to tell you. When I did my upgrade all my manufacturers were imported and were all still tied to my products so I didn’t have to do anything.

If you haven’t done much since you upgraded, maybe you could try the upgrade again.

Before you go too far you might want to be sure that there really isn’t a problem.

When you login to your admin you should be able to go to catalog - product features and see Manufacturers. When you click on edit and then variables you should see all you manufacturers.

Then click on products and a product that you know is tied with a manufacturer. Then click on features. There you should see the manufacturers list and the manufacturer related to your product.

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I find bug in upgrade135sp4-208.php

Details in [URL=“http://forum.cs-cart.com/vbugs.php?do=view&vbug_id=1263”]http://forum.cs-cart.com/vbugs.php?do=view&vbug_id=1263[/URL]