1.3.5 SP3 release date

Any word on release date?

around September…

SP3 not 136 - still September ?

the way it works with version numbering is 1.3.6, it’s like this 1+3+6= 10, so it will be 2010 when 1.3.6 comes out…

1-2 months for SP3 from what support has told me.

what’s new in SP3 Edition. :rolleyes:

Hopefully nothing new, just a ton of bug fixes for all the current problems.

[quote name=‘miracles’]what’s new in SP3 Edition. :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Whiny Diapers 1.0 Addon…

I think we should just let them take their time

sp3 should not be rushed

Agreed - but that does not mean that it would not be really useful to have a current estimate.

It allows people to plan things.

For example I have decided to stay on 134sp3 until at least 135sp3 is released. If it is not coming for 6 months my efforts will be used in a different way from if it is 2 weeks.