1.3.5 sp2 Turkish problem

I have installed 1.3.5 sp2 and translate language to turkish. İn front face when choose turkish language or choose a turkish item link; have a permission problem…

Or in attachment…



JsHttpRequest is not defined


Line 361

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]JsHttpRequest is not defined


Line 361[/QUOTE]


I don’t understand, where must I define it?

[quote name=‘cs-carttr’]Sorry,

I don’t understand, where must I define it?[/quote]

Not sure, that’s the error that I can see visible in the page itself.

I’ld suggest you re-upload the entire ajax folder into /classes/ and proceed from there.

could be a Sp2 bug, could just be a corrupted file

I have added to top of the top.tpl in my costumer skin this code and problem finished.




Ýt’s realy a sp2 bug…

Because problem will came in some links…Mistake pop up appear when link has a turkish carakters like ü,þ,ö,…

For html catalog we have change to fn_catalog for sp1. But in sp2 it dosn’t work.