1.3.4 contact lens website start over

Hi all,

I know nothing about php ,so, I was lucky ,I got CS Cart!!!

I wanna config 1.3.4 to a pro contact lens site.

After installation step, i will do:

1.Add New Chinese translation

2.config product details page like this:


Global product options.

10 righteye power

20 lefteye power

30 righteye BC

40 lefteye BC

50 righteye dia

60 lefteye dia

70 righteye ADD

80 lefteye ADD

90 righteye Color

100 lefteye Color

3.product features

10 Material

20 Lens Type:

30 Package Details:

40 Material and % of content:

50 Water % of content:

60 Manufacturer:

70 Lens Clolor( NOT FOR COLOR Lens)

80 Manufacturer

In some of the features and options , i wanna use
4. category and product jobs

5.config css file

6.discount setup

7.test shipping and payment method

can i do that?anybody could tell me what to do next step