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#109090 Problem with Blocks after Upgrade

Posted by devannielsen on 06 April 2011 - 09:16 PM in Issues & Troubleshooting

I just went through and upgraded my entire store, but now when I go to the blocks section under admin, this is what I get. Hopefully someone has had a similar issue and knows how to resolve it? If I revert all the upgrades it fixes it, but I would rather have my store upgraded!

Database error: Illegal mix of collations (utf8_unicode_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation '=' (1267)
Invalid query: SELECT cscart_blocks.block_id, cscart_block_descriptions.description, cscart_block_positions.group_id as parent_id FROM cscart_blocks LEFT JOIN cscart_block_descriptions ON cscart_block_descriptions.block_id = cscart_blocks.block_id AND cscart_block_descriptions.object_type = 'B' AND cscart_block_descriptions.lang_code = 'EN' LEFT JOIN cscart_block_positions ON cscart_block_positions.block_id = cscart_blocks.block_id AND cscart_block_positions.location = cscart_blocks.location AND (cscart_block_positions.object_id = 0 OR (cscart_block_positions.object_id = '0' AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM cscart_block_positions as bp WHERE bp.block_id = cscart_blocks.block_id AND bp.location = cscart_blocks.location AND bp.object_id = 0))) WHERE cscart_blocks.block_type = 'G' AND (cscart_blocks.location = 'all_pages' OR cscart_blocks.location = 'all_pages')

File: /home/fatalacc/public_html/thestungunshop/store/core/fn.database.php
Line: 310
Function: db_error
File: /home/fatalacc/public_html/thestungunshop/store/core/fn.database.php
Line: 37
Function: db_query
File: /home/fatalacc/public_html/thestungunshop/store/core/fn.cms.php
Line: 1208
Function: db_get_array
File: /home/fatalacc/public_html/thestungunshop/store/controllers/admin/block_manager.php
Line: 157
Function: fn_get_available_group
File: /home/fatalacc/public_html/thestungunshop/store/core/fn.control.php
Line: 567
Function: include
File: /home/fatalacc/public_html/thestungunshop/store/core/fn.control.php
Line: 422
Function: fn_run_controller
File: /home/fatalacc/public_html/thestungunshop/store/admin.php
Line: 28
Function: fn_dispatch